Our Additional Services

Report A Claim

Should you need to report a claim, you can call us or your insurance carrier directly.  Please note, our client portal can provide you with your insurance carrier and policy numbers.

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Safety/OSHA Consulting Services

We have developed strategic partnerships with several safety and compliance firms. We have also negotiated special pricing and services for our clients as well, such as, basic safety plans and OSHA compliance. Our partners can provide comprehensive safety and training down to basic illness and injury prevention programs.


Pay A Bill Online

We have put together a list of links to carriers and premium finance companies that offer online bill pay. Additional Bill Pay links and your policy #s can be found on our Client Portal.

Online Bill Pay

Zoom - Web Meeting

We now offer online ZOOM meetings as an option.  We will email you your unique meeting # to join a meeting from either the Zoom mobile app. or directly from Zoom's website using the "Join Meeting" link below.

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Claims Management

Our claims management partners offer workers compensation consulting and x-mod recalculations. In addition, they also offer occupational medical treatment oversight and fraud identification and tracking.